Bikeway Connector Project

This Bikeway Connector Project aims to make crossings of the Macdonald Bridge bikeway easier and safer by considering both the facility design in the immediate area near the bridgeheads, which are complex and busy intersections, and by considering easier and safer connections to adjacent neighbourhoods and commercial/employment districts. The specific focus areas are:

Macdonald Bridge Connections

  • C1: Enhancements at the Wyse Road / Nantucket Avenue intersections
  • C2: Access directly from bikeway to Lyle and Dickson Streets
  • C3: Flyover to ultimately connect to bicycle lanes on North Street


  • B1: A bicycle facility on Wyse Road between Nantucket Avenue and Thistle Street to connect to paths on Dartmouth Common (approx. 400 m)
  • B2: A bicycle facility on Wyse Road between Faulkner Street and Albro Lake Road (approx. 1050 m)
  • B3: A two-way Local Street Bikeway on Faulkner Street, Lyle Street and Shore Drive (approx. 1350 m)
  • B4: A bicycle facility on North Street from the end of the flyover to Agricola Street (approx. 650 m)

Please review the Information Panels and proposed concepts before answering the survey questions.

CLOSED: This survey has concluded.