What is the project area?

    Forest Hills Parkway between Cole Harbour Road and Main Street is the area covered by the planning study.

    Why are you planning changes to the walking and bicycling infrastructure on the Forest Hills Parkway?

    The Forest Hills Parkway is identified in the municipality’s Active Transportation Priorities Plan as a “Bikeway Desired”. There currently is no bikeway on Forest Hills Parkway and it is a “high stress” environment for cycling due to the speed and volume of motor vehicles. While there is a sidewalk for the entire extent of the Parkway, some sections are asphalt and do not meet current standards. This project will consider how to add cycling facilities and how to improve the sidewalks. One of the options being considered is to replace the sidewalks with a multi-use pathway (shared bicycles and pedestrians). The changes are being planned right now because Forest Hills Parkway is scheduled to be resurfaced in the next couple of years and this presents an opportunity to make walking and cycling enhancements in a cost effective manner.

    What is being proposed?

    Concepts that will be proposed for the public to consider include:

    1. painted bike lanes combined with a sidewalk
    2. an off-road multi-use pathway for bicyclists and pedestrians to share (at least three meters wide)
    3. option two with consideration of putting the multi-use pathway on the other side of the road.

    Will there be an impact to other users of the road, such as cars or buses?

    This project envisions maintaining the same number of vehicle lanes, so there is no anticipated change for motor-vehicles. Opportunities for improved transit stops are being explored as part of the project.

    Will there be connections with the community paths and greenway trails? How will it connect at Main Street and Cole Harbour Road?

    This project will consider how to connect with the existing Forest Hills greenway trail network, neighbourhood sidewalks, and bike lanes on Main Street. Making connections to destinations such as Cole Harbour Place, Cole Harbour High School, playing fields, commercial areas on either end, and the neighbourhoods on either side of the Parkway are key project factors.

    Is this part of the Trans Canada Trail?

    Some sections have the potential to become part of the Trans Canada Trail (TCT). Segments of the Forest Hills greenway trail network are designated as Trans Canada Trail, however, these currently do not extend to Main Street. The potential multi-use pathway alongside Forest Hills Parkway from Cole Harbour Place to Main Street could provide the TCT connection.

    How much will the proposed changes cost?

    The cost is unknown at this time. As part of the planning process a recommended facility-type will be developed and cost estimates will be developed.