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Hazard, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment 2023 survey

This survey provides an opportunity for you to highlight information that may be of importance to the Hazard, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (HRVA) for your district. The information you provide will help shape the HRVA process through the following:

  1. There are gaps in records for historical, and recent, localized risks in communities. The information you provide will help fill any gaps and provide further clarity (and emphasis) on existing risks.
  2. Community connectedness is one indicator for community resiliency. Community resiliency is a measure of the ability of a community to respond to, withstand, and recover from an emergency event. The information you provide about your community can help us measure current community resiliency levels and identify important community infrastructure and organizations. 
  3. Personal Preparedness is another indicator for community resiliency. Information you provide around your level of household preparedness and awareness of emergency preparedness resources can help us measure resiliency levels.

Beyond asking for your district, no personal information is required for this survey. Before completing consider attending one of the public engagement sessions or review the information presented on the page including under the About the HRVA tab and read the staff report. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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