What is a Hazard, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment (HRVA)?

    A Hazard, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment is a process to identify potential hazards, the likelihood of their occurrence and severity of consequences a community may experience in an emergency event. This is a multi-dimensional and collaborative process that supports government and communities in making risk-based choices to address vulnerabilities, mitigate hazards and prepare for response to, and recovery from emergencies and disasters.  

    How are Hazards, Risks and Vulnerabilities defined in this process?

    Hazards, Risks and Vulnerabilities are defined as follows: 

    • Potential Hazards: sources of harm to human health, infrastructure, natural environment and social vulnerabilities.
    • Risks: severity and possibility of impacts.
    • Vulnerabilities: conditions that may be influenced by physical, social, economic, cultural and environmental factors which could increase the impacts of a hazard on a community. 

    How can I participate?

    There are multiple methods to participate in the process. You can attend your nearest public engagement session, complete the online survey or submit information and feedback by through email correspondence.