What is the Public Appointment Policy?

    The Public Appointment Policy is a document that guides the application and appointment process for municipal boards, committees, and commissions. Its two main functions are:
    • To provide a guide to Council and staff to ensure consistency, integrity and fairness in the appointment process
    • To provide information about how the process works for residents

    What do municipal boards, committees, or commission do?

    Municipal boards and committees are groups consisting of councillors, citizens, and industry representatives that provide advice and recommendations to Regional Council, community council, or standing committees on certain matters. Each has a specific area of focus and terms of reference that guide the work it does.

    What are the benefits of volunteering on a municipal board, committee, or commission?

    • Opportunity to connect with community and meet new people
    • Build personal connections and networking
    • Take advantage of training opportunities
    • Gather governance experience and group decision making skills
    • Help to shape decisions that involve community

    How does the municipality benefit from volunteer board, committee, and commission members?

    • Reflect the diversity of our communities
    • Bring various unique skills and expertise
    • Represent specific groups of service users
    • Bring community knowledge and awareness