Variety of Real Estate

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A healthy social environment involves people from all walks of life. Offering different housing types will make the future development at this site more lively. Commercial spaces are a great part of a neigbourhood's spirit. Just as much as open spaces, they are a prime spot for people to socialize. Commercial spaces at this site should be carefully intertwined with the open spaces in order to make them truly attractive.

Land uses

  1. High, medium and low rises.
  2. Townhouses.
  3. Small and large commercial units.
  4. Open spaces.
  5. Institutional uses.
  1. 1/3 to 1/4 of the total number of residential units in an apartment building are required to include two or more bedrooms and to be a minimum of 84 sq m.
  1. Min 50% of all commercial frontage along Quinpool Road to be comprised of individual commercial spaces no wider than 12m.
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