Why are you doing a Community Consultation?

    Parks & Recreation welcomes the public’s input into how best to meet the recreation and leisure needs of our citizens. We are looking for innovative ideas to help us provide the best possible programs and services.

    What is the catchment area of the Sackville Sports Stadium?

    The Sackville Sports Stadium is designed to provide a variety of recreation services to residents in Districts 1 (Fall River – Musquodoboit Valley and area), 13 (Hammond’s Plains and area), 14 (Lucasville - Beaverbank and area), 15 (Lower Sackville and area), 16 (Bedford and area).

    How can I share my opinion?

    There will be opportunities to attend facilitated Community Consultation meetings, see Key Dates section and you can provide input through filling out the on-line survey in the Surveys and Forms section. 

    Will there be any disruption of access to the Sports Stadium?

    The Sackville Sports Stadium will continue to provide access to recreation programs, facilities, and services.

    When will the changes take place?

    We anticipate changes beginning as early as Fall 2017. Improvements in recreation and leisure service delivery will be on-going.

    What is the new integrated recreation service delivery model?

    The goal of the model is to assist recreation service providers with opportunities to work more collaboratively with each other and increase support, networking opportunities, and to maximize resources.

    How will the information gathered through the public consultation be used?

    The information will be used to inform and support future recreation service delivery in the area and at the Sackville Sports Stadium.

    Will you be sharing the results with the public?

    Yes. An overview of the information gathered will be made available via the Shape Your City and Sackville Sports Stadium web pages.