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Sharing the road

by JMB,

I moved to Halifax a few years ago and, while there are many things that I love about this city, I must say that I have been shocked at how dominant the car culture is here. Born and raised in Montreal without a car, I then spent much of my adult life on the west coast where the public transit was not as good but lots of thought (and action) went into other forms of alternate transport. If you haven't already done so, it's worth looking into how Vancouver has dealt with protected bike lanes. Until Halifax I had not had the pleasure of walking along a sidewalk that suddenly disappeared. Or, in the winter, of getting off a bus with nowhere to go but into the traffic. (Check it out: Bayers Rd between Windsor and Oxford)

This is all to say that I applaud any move toward making this beautiful city more people friendly. We need bike lanes now, protected or not, all over the city. We need to build infrastructure that encourages people who can to get out of their cars. If we have to start with a pilot project before taking it out to the busy streets, so be it. But let's get it done! A big thank you to those putting the work into this project.

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