How would you like to be notified about construction projects in your area?

about 4 years ago
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The guidelines aim to provide affected residents and businesses with an advance notice of anticipated impacts. As a minimum notification of street closures and utility disruptions will be distributed by hand to the affected businesses and residents within the immediate impacted area 5 days in advance of street closure or utility disruption.

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Relates to Relates to document: Draft Guidelines - Summary

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  • wdc about 4 years ago
    Will you be posting the sidewalk closures, location of temporary sidewalks, bus stop relocations, etc. on your website in map format with information on duration of closure?
  • Themis7 about 4 years ago
    Residents and businesses which are adjacent to the proposed construction site should be included as stakeholders in the construction management plan process. These projects will ultimately be included in the neighbourhoods and it is better to include the neighbours early on in the process and find out their concerns. The reason that developers want to build in a particular location is because they believe the neighbourhood will support the development and will continue to be the kind of place where people want to work and live. Until the development occurs, the developer is an "outsider" and probably should take account of the inputs of those who are already living and working in the neighbourhood. Also, HRM and its taxpayers lose if areas around construction sites and new new developments decline during the period of construction. People who know the existing users of the area may have better ideas on how to mitigate the negative impacts of construction.