What about the Halifax region makes you proud?

almost 6 years ago
CLOSED: This map consultation has concluded
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This consultation has concluded.

  • egm over 6 years ago
    Regrettably, not a lot these days. The out migration of youth from the rural communities has never been greater. The under-employment of rural residents of HRM is alarming. The fact that graduating high school students are forced to leave their communities to achieve secondary education and incur living costs beyond their financial means is unfair. When re-defining Halifax Region, decision makers may wish to consider inclusion of the communities that exist outside metro's boundaries.
  • Luvinit over 6 years ago
    The climate, the beautiful changing of the seasons, oceans, lakes and rivers seemingly everywhere you go and Point Pleasant Park. Keep it green Halifax!
  • MGrant over 6 years ago
    I'm extremely proud of our excellent and highly-regarded symphony orchestra, Symphony Nova Scotia. They are the hardest-working artists we have in this city, with a heavy three-season performance schedule, as well as numerous school outreach and community-oriented programs. They are beloved by NS music fans and their concerts at the Rebecca Cohn auditorium are usually near capacity. The organization manages to create programs for all ages, incomes and interests on a very limited budget and has been stuck performing in an acoustically second-rate auditorium since the 1970s. It's time to change that.

    An orchestra by its nature draws highly-skilled and educated people from around the world to fill its ranks -- just what the Ivany commission says we need here. These musicians settle here, raise their children and contribute to our community in a significant way. The majority of SNS have been with the orchestra for over 20 years. Most of them came from somewhere else.

    Our orchestra deserves to have a top-rate, custom-built concert hall to call home, an iconic new public arts building for our skyline. A downtown location, preferably on the public land of the waterfront, would draw people every day of the week, night and day, all year round -- just what downtown needs for revitalization. It would be an obvious economic driver for the many nearby restaurants and bars, as well as a generator of parking revenue for HRM.

    For Halifax to build on the assets we already have, rather than howling for a stadium for our non-existent CFL team -- THAT would make me very proud.
  • AshleyMorton over 6 years ago
    For me, it's the connection to the ocean - but not just "'cause it's there..." Rather, that we have an industrial connection to the sea - we build ships, we offload cargo, we muster fleets, we design sonar, etc... Clearly, these things are not the only things that we do well, but I think you'd be hard-pressed to find anywhere in Canada that captures that vibe so well. There are lots of places in rural Nova Scotia and Newfoundland (and Quebec, for that matter) that have a strong connection to the sea, but not in the kind of hard-working industrial way that I believe we do. I am proud of that.
  • Sybil over 6 years ago
    I love the bustle of the harbour, the ferries, the farmer's markets. I love the ocean's nearness. I love McNab's Island (though it saddens me that we ignore this marvellous asset). Hiking at Duncan's Cove. Walking the McCormack's Boardwalk while looking across at Lawlor's Island. We need to do our version of HFX "Heritage Minutes". If we cannot afford to buy commercials then put up YouTube videos and link them prominently ...

    I love kayaking along Lawlor's and McNab's shoreline, gazing into the water at Jellyfish and other wonders.
  • Citizen6791 over 6 years ago
    The Oval is an incredible resource. Going there on a busy day and seeing tons of people from all backgrounds and age groups utilizing the FREE rentals and FREE activities is amazing. Halifax needs more fixtures like this that encourage physical activities and embracing winter.