What makes the Halifax region unique?

almost 6 years ago
CLOSED: This map consultation has concluded
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This consultation has concluded.

  • egm over 6 years ago
    HRM has a geographical area comparable to Prince Edward Island. Within its boundaries are vast tracks of agricultural land, forest and seascapes along with the capital city of the province.
  • sharonleara over 6 years ago
    Halifax is blessed by its location. The coastal, deep-harbour micro-climates, especially on the southern part of the peninsula, yield enviable mild temperatures, if somewhat wet. It's easy to get out of the city (Well, not in rush hour but, then, I rarely do, and I think anyone is crazy to commute when downtown living is fantastic here.) for the enjoyment of rural pleasures. The airport is reasonably close but a train to there would be an amazingly wonderful thing. Why don't we have that? Actually, trains to replace all those cars pouring into the city every day would be one of the biggest improvements to life here that could be made, and that would be almost unique for Canada. The Common, the Oval, the Citadel, Point Pleasant, Public Gardens, and, best, the Waterfront, make Halifax uniquely liveable. (As for getting to unique, a great deal more attention to pedestrians and bikes could make Halifax stand out, as would more green space. Many, many fewer cars could be a virtuous part of being unique, if the political will to do it were summoned.)