1. Why is there an early focus on the outdoor pool area?

The Halifax Common has a long history of providing accessible outdoor water play for many to enjoy dating back to the original egg pond. The outdoor community pool area, including the splash pad and Pavilion building, are over 50 years old, have an outdated design, are in poor condition, and are not meeting all user needs. However, it is the only outdoor pool on the Halifax peninsula providing free (no cost) access to swimming lessons and open swims. This past summer the outdoor pool was heavily used with approximately 2,800 participants. Because of its poor condition along with high demand for accessible swimming opportunities, there is an urgent need to renew the outdoor pool area for recreational use for families and people of all ages and abilities. We will be seeking public feedback on the concept designs and options for this area. This will include the Pavilion building, playground and new outdoor pool area. Recommendations will be brought forward for Regional Council’s consideration as part of the master plan.

2. What is happening with the Common Roots Urban Farm?

The Urban Farm is located on provincial property for the Halifax Infirmary Campus. The Nova Scotia Health Authority (NSHA) recognises how much the community values the opportunity to have access to a garden and how this enhances the QEII Health Sciences Community. The NSHA have been meeting with Partners for Care to discuss and begin to plan for future garden and green spaces. 

It is likely that the urban farm may be disrupted by new construction. Partners for Care and NSHA are fully committed to the Common Roots Urban Farm and will do everything they can to ensure its long-term success.  Discussions have been about how to work through the construction period together and come out even stronger and better represented within the many NSHA sites post construction. 

The NSHA is currently developing a master plan for the hospital sites. The timeline regarding moving the gardens will be better known once the Health Authority’s master planning process is complete which is expected in 2018. It is likely the farm will not be disrupted during the 2018 growing season.

3. What is happening with the CBC property?

The Province has acquired the CBC property and respects the importance of the Halifax Common. They will be working with the municipality on plans for this site and the QEII redevelopment project. As planning progresses, long-term uses and decisions regarding renovating or demolishing the building will be made. 

Preliminary planning has identified options for the building’s potential use in the short term including swing space, site office space, mock up areas, etc. that would support QEII redevelopment activities. No clinical services offered at the QEII Health Sciences Centre will be relocated to this building.

4. What is happening with the Wanderers Grounds?

The sport field on the Wanderers Grounds has recently undergone a major reconstruction.  It will be the municipality’s premiere natural turf sport field designed to local and larger-scale sporting events standards. This work will bring the field up to competition play for soccer, rugby and will be available to host other community sports. On June 20, 2017, Regional Council agreed to support the installation of 5,000 – 7,000 seat temporary stadium (up to three years).