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What other area in the region merits consideration as a potential Heritage Conservation District?

over 5 years ago

There are concentrations of heritage resources in many areas throughout the region. As part of the development of the Culture and Heritage Priorities Plan and secondary planning strategies such as the Centre Plan, the municipality is seeking to identify cohesive areas of historic significance. Public feedback is an essential means toward formally identifying these areas that merit further consideration as Heritage Conservation Districts.

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Consultation has concluded

  • SBK62 almost 5 years ago
    The Northwest Arm Shoreline should be protected. The tendency to construct "monster" houses, resulting in a loss of natural tree cover and shoreline features is a threat to the historic and natural beauty of the NW Arm. The proliferation of walled shorelines, if left to continue unabated, will result in the fortification of the shoreline, making it look more like the Intercoastal Waterway in Miami than the attractive body of water and sloping, green treed shoreline that has captured the attention of photographers and painters. There are already several properties that have wantonly destroyed the shoreline and installed massive stepped terraces with concrete and stone walls, looking more like fortresses (minus the guns). A natural shoreline is also a key factor in mitigating wave propagation created by wind and tide, minimises the effect of boat wakes (by absorbing rather than deflecting wake), and provided habitat for numerous wildlife species at, above, and below the waterline. This initiative requires the concerted (and urgent) attend of all three levels of government.
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