Morning commute on Quinpool to Bell Road

by wdc,


I regularly commute on Quinpool Road travelling east around 7:30 - 7:45 most weekday mornings. I find it comfortable to take the middle lane on the west side of the Willow Tree and rest in the hatched triangle until the light changes. All good crossing and heading southeast on Bell Road. Painted lane is usually respected by people driving.

Recommend some markings or paint which would track my route into the Willow Tree.

In the afternoon, I avoid this route like the plague. When I have done it, the portion on Bell Road from the end of the painted bike lane to the Willow Tree is very uncomfortable. There is no room for the person biking. Crossing the Willow Tree is an exercise in animated head swivelling to protect oneself against people driving and heading towards Windsor Street or a bus going to the stop before Windsor Street. Definitely a hairy experience.

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