How much will the project cost?

The estimated cost for the project is $6.1 million. 

What is the project timeline?

Designs will be presented to the public, Tuesday. May 9, 6:30 - 8pm, at St. Andrew's Community Centre.  The Centre will remain open until the end of May, after which we will transfer to our alternate space at Bayers Rd. Demolition will take place Summer of 2018.  The goal is to start construction in 2018 and open in late 2019 or early 2020.  As we get further into the construction phase, a more accurate time line will be given on the Shape Your City Halifax Project Page.

What’s wrong with the existing building?

St. Andrew’s Community Centre was originally constructed as a school. The municipality renovated the building for recreation needs in 1983. The building, though clean and as welcoming as possible, is an old school with limited windows, poor lighting, old heating and mechanical infrastructure, and no outdoor play / community space.

Is this a complete rebuild or a renovation?

This is a complete redesign and build project. The existing building was constructed as a school and the layout does not respond to the needs of the community for a warm, welcoming and functional space. As a purpose-built facility the design and amenities will be influenced via community engagement feedback.

What will happen to the programs that operate out of St. Andrew’s Centre?

Programming will wrap up at the end of May with the demolition phase occurring Summer of 2018. HRM is planning to continue offering its recreation programs and services where fully possible, using alternative spaces within the community as well as neighbouring recreation centres. On March 6, 2018, Regional Council approved the leasing of space in Bayers Road Shopping Centre, at 7071 Bayers Road, to be used by Parks and Recreation as a temporary space for recreation programming during the construction of the new St Andrews Community Centre. We do know that six weeks of our children’s Summer Camps will be operating from Westmount Elementary School at 6700 Edward Arab Avenue. The Youth Adventure and Summer Preschool Camps will operate out of the Bayers Road location and Youth Leadership will be utilizing both Westmount School and the Bayers Road location.

Room rentals at the alternate Bayers Rd. space may be available beginning Fall of 2018.  Inquiries may be directed to

How can I find out information about the progress of the project?

Periodic updates on the project will be given during the creation of the design and during the construction of the facility.  These updates can be found online at , as well as in St. Andrew’s up until it is closed for construction.

How will public feedback influence the final design?

The municipality sought input from the public to help inform the direction of the design to ensure community wants and needs were taken into consideration.

What public engagement opportunities will be provided to residents?

The community engagement process has been completed using a variety of methods.  We appreciate the participation and input provided by the public.